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Standing Together Vienna is a Jewish-Arab alliance for peace in the Middle East.


We are an initiative with members from different backgrounds that promotes dialogue and co-existence as a means of achieving a just peace in the Middle East.


We believe that only through dialogue we shall be able to lower the walls of alienation and promote true recognition and reconciliation necessary for an agreed solution and for the establishment of a just society in Israel-Palestine

We reject all forms of violence and advocate for demilitarization in the region.

We believe in co-existence, recognizing the right of all people in Israel-Palestine to live there. We uphold the collective rights of Palestinians and Jewish Israelis, in any state structure, and are committed to fostering co-existence among Jewish and Arab minorities in the diaspora.

We adamantly oppose antisemitism (as defined by the Jerusalem Declaration of Antisemitism), Islamophobia, xenophobia, and any form of racism against Palestinians, Arabs, or Muslims. We also reject the dehumanization and demonization of any community.

Our commitment lies in upholding human rights and international law.

We renounce nationalism, ethno-nationalism, fundamentalism, religious fundamentalism (particularly when combined with ethno-nationalism), and all patriarchal, homophobic, and racist ideologies.


  • End of the occupation, including dismantling of settlements.

  • Dismantling of the legal and state structures that oppress Palestinians and other minorities.

  • Putting an end to the segregation in Israel, the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem.

  • Acknowledgment of the Nakba and subsequent historical injustices towards Palestinians through reconciliation, restitution and compensation.

  • Holding all people responsible for war crimes accountable in line with the principles of transitional justice

  • Full human and civil rights to all people in Israel, the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem

  • Establishing a sustainable and just peace agreement, guaranteeing, amongst others, the equality and safety for all people in whatever forms of states agreed upon.


  • An immediate ceasefire.

  • An immediate hostage release deal.

  • An immediate release of arbitrarily detained Palestinian prisoners (administrative detention).

  • An immediate end of the siege of Gaza and immediate allowance of all necessary humanitarian aid.

  • An end of settler and state violence in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

  • An end to all forms of indiscriminate violence against civilians.

  • Independent and thorough investigations into war crimes.

  • An end of repression and criminalization of Palestine solidarity activism.

  • An end to societal polarization (in media, schools, public sphere).

  • Demand for the Austrian government to enforce neutrality and facilitate peace in the region.


Appeal to the Austrian government to take in 50 children from Gaza for medical treatment


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