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Zoom talk with Checkpoint Watch member Hanna Barag

Checkpoint Watch, initiated by three Israeli women in 2001, has evolved into an organization with 500 volunteers across Israeli society. Operating without administration, they focus on documenting the impact of the Israeli occupation in the West Bank. Their activities include monitoring military checkpoints, visiting Palestinian villages, and observing military courts. Their objective is to shed light on the harsh realities of the occupation, which mainstream media often neglects, leading to public apathy and complicity. Beyond visible checkpoints, they highlight the systemic takeover of Palestinian lands and the profound harm inflicted on Palestinian lives. MachsomWatch aims to bridge the information gap, making the Israeli public aware of the consequences of the occupation on both Palestinians and Israeli soldiers.


Over the last 20 years, Barag has been an active member in three Israeli human rights organizations: Yesh Din, where she is one of five elected members of the Governing Board; Machsom Watch, where she serves in a liaison role with the IDF and as an ad-hoc representative (in Israel and abroad); and, finally, she is a member of “Ir Amim’s” Oversight Committee.


For her unfailing dedication as a volunteer in Machsom Watch and her perseverance in fighting the injustices of the Occupation, Hanna was awarded the 2017 Prof. Yeshayahu Leibowitz Prize.



Watch the recording of the event:


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