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Appeal to the Austrian government to take in

50 children from Gaza for medical treatment.

Together with the organization "Heal Palestine", we are trying to help 50 Gazan children by bringing them to Austria for medical treatment.

Please help us by signing this petition. 

The humanitarian situation in Gaza is alarming. According to UNICEF, nearly 400,000 children are currently suffering from trauma requiring psychosocial intervention. Many children also need urgent medical care that local hospitals, overwhelmed and under-equipped, cannot provide.


We are calling on the Austrian government to take in 50 children from Gaza so they can receive the medical treatment they desperately need. As a country that values ​​human rights and the protection of the most vulnerable, it is our moral responsibility to intervene.


Sign this petition to support the reception in Austria of children requiring urgent medical care in Gaza.

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Fundraiser for Gaza Children

Call for a Fundraiser for Evacuated Children from Gaza in Egypt

As our efforts to evacuate children from Gaza to Austria continue and until we reach this goal, we want to try to make the situation of these evacuated children in Egypt a little easier. We are therefore collecting donations, which one of our members will soon personally distribute to children in the hospitals on the Egyptian border with Gaza


Please donate and continue to support the petition to bring these children the medical care they desperately need. Your contributions will make a significant difference in their lives.

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